Astral Tech Data Warehouse – the foundation for building insights in a competitive energy market

June 24, 2022

With an ever-increasing amount of data from SMART, generation assets, EVs, and the ‘Internet of Things’ energy data management is a must-win battle for both large consumers, and  anybody offering services in this space. Understanding energy is key to driving net-zero, and performant data warehousing and analytics are the core foundations for building insights.

Astral Tech is pleased to announce the availability of its data warehouse and analytics platform as a standalone product – separate from the already successful AT energy portal.

Far from being brand new, this capability has a significant pedigree already housing consumption for ~23% of the UK’s I&C meters and a growing portfolio of meters in the US.

In 2021, the warehouse and analytics capabilities of our portal were migrated to the very latest cloud-based Big Data technologies and an API was created to extract energy consumption, generation, and forecast data in a flexible, secure, and performant manner.

With pre-built connectors for virtually all consumption data sources, the warehouse and analytics platform is an excellent choice for anybody wishing to ingest, store, and analyse energy data. Additionally, unique to Astral Tech, the platform comes with a comprehensive data quality reporting suite that identifies data gaps, anomalous values, and asset data mismatches.

It is available as a SaaS product and is equally suited to energy retailers, professional service consultancies, brokers, and large energy consumers for consumption and generation data management, and energy forecasting.

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