Data Warehouse

The Smart Data Challenge

As we move towards energy markets that are ‘smart’ enabled the requirements on data storage and integration will continue to grow exponentially.

This means old technology is becoming overwhelmed with increased data volumes. This is exacerbated by the existing data warehouses in the market being:

  1. Not sufficiently performant for real time analytics
  2. Designed primarily to support billing activities
  3. Tightly coupled to other systems

If this issue is not addressed, energy retailers, grid operators, generators and other market participants will under utilise new data and provide suboptimal customer experiences.

Cloud Data Warehouse

The Astral Tech Solution

To deal with these market challenges Astral Tech have developed our own data warehouse.

It can consume data from any source (DCC, NHH, HH, AMR) using pre-built connectors, processes the data, combines it with basic meter details, customer information plus optionally other data such as temperature or market related data – driving highly valuable insights.



Get started

Customers can license the Data Warehouse as a stand-alone module directly from Astral Tech or through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
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