Utilities Platform

Feature Comparison

A world-class digital platform for your utility business.

The Astral Tech platform offers a wide range of features ‘out-of-the-box’. We also have a collaborative product roadmap, ensuring our offering continually evolves alongside marketplace reality.
Domestic SME C&I Broker Benefit

Quote & Join

Capture prospect details allowing the quick presentment of contract quotations
Full digitization of the customer lifecycle

Self-Serve Registration

Users can register for the service directly or be set up directly by the supplier
Ease of engagement

Single Sign-on

Login technology facilitates the use of third party authentication services
Security of information

Digital Welcome Journey

A series of digital prompts to join the online service, driving platform utilization
Reduce first invoice queries


Raise, manage and resolve queries online across all service providers
Raise and close queries promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction

Online Accounts and Invoicing

View, download and manage invoices
Reduce call traffic into Service Centre

Online Payments

Use a range of payment gateways to pay invoices
Improve collection speed and reduce bad debt

Online Consumption Data

Full access to historical consumption data
Reduce call traffic into Service Centre

Data Analytics and Reporting

View, manage and graph consumption data
Drive engagement in energy

MI and Customer Insights

Record every 'click' and activity across the platform
Manage demand efficiently

Customizable Dashboards

Every user can change their screen's layout
User-specific; digital yet personal

Contract Management

View, manage and maintain all contractual documentation
Reduce call traffic into Service Centre


View and execute live market pricing
Serve flex customers more efficiently

Flex and Forecasting

Manage and re-forecast flexible contracts online
Single location for all 'energy' interactions

Complex UI

Leverage underlying platform pedigree
Deploy the platform across all customers

Mobile App

A pre-built app leveraging our core technology, but with a simple SME/Domestic UI
Ability to offer the platform across a variety of channels at speed

Simple UI

Leverage underlying platform pedigree, but offer a simple SME/domestic UI
Deploy the platform across all customers

TPI Data Push Service

Automatically 'push' data to TPIs
Reduce cost-to-serve and increase satisfaction

Out-of-Hours Access

Full 24/7 availability
Reduce cost-to-serve and increase satisfaction


Out-of-the-box reports including: Debt Monitoring, Queries, KPIs and Regulatory Complaints
Simple access to high-value, business-critical pre-defined reports

Data Quality Programme

Automated data-checking regime, creating alerts where data items are incorrect or missing
Reduction in cost-to-serve by improving operational capability

External Authentication Service

Utilize third party authentication partners for secure log-in journeys
Flexibility - choose your preferred authentication partner

Trading Dashboard

View, analyze and review all your commodity trades via one simple dashboard
Single dashboard with easy-access overview

AI & Machine Learning

AI-led customer and energy insights
Provide true added value insights to your customers

Comms Manager

Manage end-to-end digital communications throughout the customer lifecycle
One customer view creating seamless, simple customer engagement

Alert Engine

All data items required for alerting and comms, stored and managed in one location
Simple alert and comms management via one 'true' source

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