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Astral CX

Market leading end-to-end digital customer experience for energy retailers and utilities.

Astral CX

End-to-end digital journeys for customers of energy and water retailers and utilities. Multi lingual and specifically tailored for the residential and small business sector.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and drive sales and retention with intuitive digital tools and a reputation for excellence.
  • Deliver continuous improvement with new levels of business intelligence and customer insights.
  • Reduce Service Team demand by maximising customer self-serve
  • Differentiate by leveraging highly customisable and configurable customer journeys.
  • Cater to all market segments with two flavours of the customer experience, one for Residential and small business, and the other for commercial and industrial.


Contracts and Account

View all contract information and associated accounts data.

Invoices and Payments

Full access to account information and transaction history, with the ability to make payments online.

Energy Usage Analysis

Understand energy (or water) usage to help reduce consumption and cost.

Personalised Alert Management

Allow customers to configure alerts and subscribe to events.

Live Chat

Integrate with third party live chat vendors.

Queries and Complaints

Easily script query and complaint workflow for customers to raise to your customer care team.

Submit/View Meter Reads

Allow customers to quickly and easily submit meter readings to the billing system, avoiding misleading estimates.

CRM Integration

Integrate with Salesforce or Dynamics or power-up and choose Astral RX as your fully integrated CRM.

Customer Behaviour Insights

User behaviour analysis providing operational and customer insights that enhance efficiency and understanding.

Track Record

Utilised by 23% of UK C& I market and serving clients across 40 states in the US.

Market Readiness

Multi Lingual, multi currency, localised terminology.


Choose the right modules for your business needs, adding functionality as business processes mature.

E2E Digital Journeys

Leverage our platform to seamlessly create intuitive customer interactions across the engagement lifecycle.

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