Enterprise Data Layer

Astral EDL

The data backbone and single source of truth for utilities and energy retailers.

Astral EDL

Build one Enterprise Data Layer on top of one or multiple billing systems providing one point of integration for the Customer Experience and CRM
  • Simplifies complex ecosystems with multiple billing systems across different countries or customer segments
  • Facilitate a single point of integration to drive a single CRM and multi lingual Customer Experience
  • Drive down technology costs by sharing the stack across multiple segment or countries
  • Enhance management reporting by having a unified data model covering multiple locales
  • Perfect for large multi national energy retailers.

“No other company has the same depth of experience, and record of success when it comes to integrating with energy billing systems"


Data Synchronicity

Keep data synchronised with write-backs to system of record.

Flexible API

Leverage our flexible API to integrate with other parts of your ecosystem.

Custom Integrations

Leverage our expertise to integrate with the non-standard parts of your ecosystem.

Data Quality

Automate data quality checks and remediations.

Exception Management

Automate exception handling, routing notifications to relevant teams.

Data Retention Policies

Configure data retention, anonymisation, and pseudonymisation in line with data governance.

Track Record

Successful integration with 8 different billing systems globally.

Shared Vision

Utilise a harmonized data layer to create one retail brand across all market territories.


Synchronize customer data across your business driving ‘one version of the truth’.


Reduce the complexity of your eco-system and leverage the power of one data layer.

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