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A transformative customer experience solution for electricity, gas, renewable energy and water suppliers.

A world-class digital platform for your utility business.


We believe in simple, efficient, cost-effective and world-class customer service.


One view of the customer via an online platform that brings together: Quote & Join, Account Management, Broker Tools, CRM, Customer Service, Data and Analytics, Deep insights via AI and Machine Learning.


Our customers are retail marketers and utilities who supply electricity, natural gas, sustainable energy and water.


Our ‘pure cloud’ approach means we are able to provide our platform globally but are primarily focused on the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia.

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Our Solution

An end-to-end digital service platform for energy and water retailers, their customers, brokers and service delivery partners. Incorporating customer self-serve, data warehousing and analytics, CRM and power tools.
  • Streamline operational processes delivering reduced cost-to-serve.
  • Enhance ease of doing business, boosting customer satisfaction and driving customer sales and retention.
  • New levels of business intelligence facilitates continuous monitoring and improvement, and customer insights.



A fully featured multi-channel customer service desk with debt recovery and custom workflows.

Online Accounts and Invoicing

Full access to account information and transaction history, with the ability to make payments online.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Big data analytics and reporting helps reduce consumption and cost.

MI and Customer Insights

User behaviour analysis providing operational and customer insights that enhance efficiency and understanding.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your view for specific user-groups: Industrial, commercial, domestic, environmental or financial.

Customer Journey Builder

Create custom journeys, including Quote/Join all of which can be unique to your business and customer needs.


View, configure alerts and integrate with your trading platform.

Flex and Forecasting

Manage all your flex product forecasting and re-forecasting activity in one location.

Tailored User Experience

One powerful platform with different user experiences dependent on the customer segment.


Access whatever you need from wherever you are, no matter what device you’re using: Computer, tablet, mobile.

Data Analysis

Interrogate our data warehouse using our powerful analysis tools monthly, weekly, daily or half-hourly.

Account Dashboard

Up-to-the-minute account information showing latest invoices, financial reports and historic costs.

Dynamic UI

Leveraging our platform’s underlying strengths, we can provide a unified digital offering across all your market segments.

Platform building blocks

The power and stability of our system derives from the core modules upon which it is built.

Data Aggregator

A specific module designed to process half-hourly consumption data from any provider.

Big Data Warehouse

High performance analytics underpinned by powerful Microsoft big data warehousing.

Comms Manager

Manage all outbound communications and alerts in one place. Suppliers and customers can easily manage their preferences.

Billing System Integration

A flexible data interface specifically designed for integration with utility companies and retail energy providers billing systems.

Reports Engine

Overnight reporting runs proactively to deliver bulk data by email or FTP.

AI & Machine Learning

High-level data capture provides unique insights in behaviour, consumption, and other energy-relevant factors.

Data Quality / Exception Handling

Spot missing and incorrect smart / AMR data before your customers do with automated identification and exception raising.

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