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Astral MX

A targeted toolkit for a niche market delivering all your marketing needs throughout the customer lifecycle.

Astral MX

Engaging with customers and prospects in a personalised yet automated way is key to driving growth.
  • Enhanced prospect conversion with sales campaigns.
  • Drive additional revenue streams with targeted material to existing customers.
  • Reduce bad debt with curated debt management campaigns.
  • Understand exactly what’s impacting your CSAT/NPS scores.
  • Drive automated renewal with the delivery of tailored offers.
  • Unify customer intelligence with a fully integrated system across the entire customer lifecycle.

“Being able to tailor digital content based on user behaviour is key to making comms relevant and delivering high conversion rates."


Customer Campaigns

Drive operational calls to action and value add sales campaigns to existing customers.


Capture CSAT/NPS either generally or after specific customer interactions.

Insight Dashboard

Powerful analytics showing responses and insights from campaigns/surveys.

Debt Management

Take a fresh approach to debt collection and use curated debt journeys with the same finesse as marketing engagement.

Sales Campaigns

Drive multi-channel comms to potential new customers.

Targeted Content

Drive targeted content based on specific criteria to customers using Astral CX.

Track Record

Over 1500 brokers already registered on Astral BX.


Calculate broker commission with optional module. 


Configure automated data feeds for brokers to automatically ingest data.

Consent Management

Configure the right user permissions aligned to customer LOAs.

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