Energy Data Management​

Astral EDM

Next-generation capability for ingesting, storing, analysing, and leveraging AI to drive insights from huge amounts of energy data.

Astral EDM

Harness the power of data and AI to drive value and unlock invaluable insights to deliver cost savings and help achieve net zero.
  • Cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated analytical tools.
  • Leverage AI to drive valuable insights.
  • Drive down energy consumption with highly customisable alerts.
  • Analyse and compare actuals, forecast, estimated, and predicted data.
  • Suitable for electricity generation and consumption, gas, and water alike.

“If we are to achieve net zero, driving value and realising energy-saving insights from data is a must-win battle for utilities, energy suppliers, and energy users alike."


Consumption analysis

Use our customizable UI or build your own to view and analyse consumption data.

Flexible API for data extraction

Leverage our flexible API to retrieve data for use in UIs or other parts of your ecosystem.

Next-gen aggregation capability

Lightning-fast aggregations to report at company, group, and portfolio level.

Pre-built industry connectors

Ingest and serve data from any source in near real-time using our pre-built industry connectors.

Stores Actual, Estimate, Reactive Power, Forecast

Understand and compare different types of energy consumption.

Carbon emission conversions

View carbon emissions and carbon equivalents such as CO2,CO2e, NO2, CH4.

Highly reliable and scalable

Secure, scalable, pure cloud architecture leveraging in-memory technology for lightning performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to predict future consumption, discover anomalies, advise on efficiencies.

Benchmarking and Alerts

Benchmark energy consumption, detect consumption anomalies and configure alerts.


Already consuming interval energy data across 40 US states and for 23% of the UK‘s C&I market. Running 24/7 365 days a year.


Available with a white label UI or leverage the API to build your own or serve data to other components in your ecosystem. 


Ingesting Data from 15 different sources from 5 minutes to hourly granularity.


Total 400 TWh energy data stored in half hourly granularity.

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Customers can license Astral EDM as a standalone product or use it as a service as part of a broader technology eco-system.
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