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In a complex technology ecosystem, integration is key. Astral Tech are the experts. We have unparalleled experience in billing and CIS system integration having deployed Astral X alongside multiple billing systems and many other vendors we are likely to find in your ecosystem.

Billing and CIS

Astral Tech have deployed Astral CX alongside seven different billing solutions. If your billing and CIS system doesn’t appear below no problem we are the experts and have a tried and tested approach to getting your data into our CX with as little fuss as possible.


CRM is an integral part of Astral CX but if you already have a chosen platform we can integrate with that to deliver a 360 view of the customer.

Market and Consumption Data

We pledge that you can throw any energy data source at us and we will ingest it. To date we process data from these sources:


We deliver the quote and join digital journey and store fixed-price products for a zero-touch join process. For complex pricing we integrate with pricing systems so that even your large customers can enjoy the efficiencies of digital service but with bespoke products.

Payment, Credit Checks and more

Integration with credit checking companies, payment providers, and others are routinely undertaken by Astral Tech as part of implementation. Current integrations include:

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