Introducing Astral X

November 22, 2023

Earlier this year we re-launched our product suite referencing the release of ‘CX’ and our EDM product.

Things don’t stand still for long at Astral Tech! Reflecting the ever-changing marketplace and the clear focus on improving digital engagement across the energy supply and utilities market, we’ve further evolved our proposition into a complimentary set of modules that sit within the Astral X-perience platform (Astral X).

These are described as:

  • Astral JX – A multi-lingual, multi locale join experience journey builder.
  • Astral CX – A market leading end-to-end digital customer experience for energy retailers and utilities.
    Astral CX+ – An enhanced version of CX, specific for large C&I users.
  • Astral BX – An end-to-end digital broker experience, encompassing quote & join, customer management, and commissions.
  • Astral RX – Industry specific customer relationship management (CRM) tools for energy retailers and utilities.
  • Astral EDM – Next-generation capability for ingesting, storing, analyzing, and driving insights from huge amounts of energy data.​
  • Astral EDL – One Enterprise Data Layer on top of one or multiple billing systems providing one point of integration for the Customer Experience and CRM.

The clear benefit is that no matter where an energy supplier, retailer, or utility is in their journey of deploying digital tools, Astral Tech has a module that can be integrated at speed to move customer engagement forward.

Additionally, our building block ethos allows complimentary modules to be deployed once our clients are ready to keep evolving their digital platform.

Astral Tech believes that digital transformation in the energy/utility market is held back by excessively complex, poorly integrated vendor eco-systems which cannot meet the expectations of the modern consumer.

Achieving digital excellence not only drives cost savings, but also contributes significantly to bottom-line financial performance as customers choose to extend their relationships, rather than moving for a small price decrease.

Jon Davies, Astral Tech CCO said: ‘Our aim is to provide everything an energy company needs to deploy market leading digital customer engagement whilst remaining agnostic to the underlying billing and CIS system’

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